June 2014

Face value
Editorial photo shoot, Habitus 24
Exploring the idea of play. This series refelected a lighter mood in Habitus and invited readers to think about how we can imbue personality and character in design.

Stylist Nicky Lobo
Photographer Tim Robinson


April 2014

In your hands
Cover shoot, DQ 53

aim was to highlight the ability of carpet tile company, Ontera, to create bespoke products. All carpet design was developed specifically and custom manufactured for the shoot.

Stylist Sophia Watson
Photographer Tim Robinson

To find out more about this project read an interview on Indesignlive.


March 2014

A touch of Dutch
Editorial photo shoot, Habitus 23

The page as a canvas. A series of scenes that communicated the latest in design, drawing inspiration from the Dutch masters of still life painting.

Stylist Nicky Lobo
Photographer Tim Robinson


December 2013

Editorial photo shoot, Habitus 22

Tribal symbolism. A creative concept that emerged in response to a fascination with tribal imagery. This series was printed on consecutive right hand pages, highlighting the passage of light and shadow, similar to a sundial.

Stylist Nicky Lobo
Photographer Tim Robinson


September 2013

Set in stone
Advertorial photo shoot, Habitus 21

Illuminating the beauty of stone. This series conveyed the customisation options, extensive range and physical properties of Cosentino’s engineered stone products. Forms were custom- designed and cut specifically for the shoot.

Co-art director Emma Warfield
Stylist Nicky Lobo
Photographer Tim Robinson


January 2014

All wood in the hood
Cover shoot, DQ 52

Timber, by Escher. Presenting the range of timber flooring brand Mafi called for this creative Escher-esque approach. The final artwork appeared as a digital collage of various perspectives.

Creative collaboration with Sophia
Watson & Alex Buccheri
Photographer Tim Robinson


July 2013

Mirror, mirror on the oven
Cover shoot, DQ 50

The 50TH issue of DQ celebrated the surface qualities of the latest range of appliances from Smeg, reflecting a quality product, and publication.

Creative collaboration with Marcus
Piper & Emma Warfield
Photographer Tim Robinson


December 2013

Corporate chameleon
Advertorial photo shoot, Habitus 22

Colour blocking. A play on the colour palette of designer furniture provider Corporate Culture’s residential range, this now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t shoot showed the softer side of this previously commercial retailer.

Stylist Alicia Sciberras
Photographer Tim Robinson


June 2013

A new slant on design.
Advertorial photo shoot, Habitus 20

This series defined the features of the new MINI Paceman. A custom artwork highlighted the exaggerated angle of the roofline.

Creative collaboration with Emma Warfield
Stylist Nicky Lobo
Photographer Tim Robinson